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Albuquerque Rear-End Accident Lawyers

Rear-end accidents are one of the most commonly occuring types of car accidents in the United States. These collisions can occur anywhere like when you are stopped at a traffic light, waiting at a stop sign, waiting for pedestrians to cross, or driving in the slow lane on the highway. Unfortunately, negligent drivers often do not pay attention to the vehicles in front of them and if that vehicle stops for whatever reason, they can crash into them and cause a damaging rear-end collision. While some rear-end collisions may be considered minor, these car accidents can result in injuries, property damage, costly medical expenses, and emotional pain and suffering.

At Dominguez Law, our team of seasoned Albuquerque rear-end accident lawyers have experience helping clients who have been injured as a result of another party’s negligence. Our attorneys speak both English and Spanish and are dedicated to providing you with the trusted representation you deserve as you seek justice for your losses. Recovering from an injury after a rear-end accident can be traumatic. That is why it is essential that you focus on your recovery and leave the legal process to our team of professionals. 

How Can You Prove Liability in an Alburquerque Rear-End Accident?

Many rear-end collisions may be prevented if the rear driver acts with a reasonable duty of care while sharing the road with others. To prove a driver is liable for a rear-end accident in Albuquerque, you must be able to prove the four elements of negligence. Those elements include:

  • The liable driver owed the leading motorist a reasonable duty of care 
  • The liable driver violated the duty of care by failing to drive safely; for example, texting and driving, driving while under the influence or speeding
  • The violation of the duty of care caused a rear-end collision 
  • You were directly injured due to their violation and have suffered damages as a result

At Dominguez Law, we are skilled at gathering the evidence required to prove the other party’s negligence in your case. Our legal team will conduct an extensive investigation on your behalf into the circumstances of the rear-end accident in order to help you build a strong claim. 

Are You Eligible for Damages From Your Rear-End Accident Claim?

While some rear-end car accidents may be considered minor like fender benders, victims may still suffer severe injuries as a result. If you have been injured due to another driver’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. The damages that you may be eligible to collect following an Alburquerque rear-end collision include:

  • Medical Expenses: From whiplash to traumatic brain injuries, rear-end accidents can result in serious injuries for the drivers and passengers involved. If you have been injured in a rear-end accident, you may incur costly medical bills as you try to heal. You should be compensated for any medical expenses like doctor visits or expensive treatments as you recover from the accident. 
  • Lost Wages: As a result of extensive injuries, some rear-end accident victims may be unable to work. If you have lost out on wages due to your inability to work from your injuries, you should pursue compensation by filing a claim. 
  • Lost Earning Potential: If an accident victim has suffered chronic injuries, they may no longer be able to do the work they were before the accident occurred. As a result, they should be compensated. 
  • Property Damage: Rear-end accidents can be highly damaging to the car that is hit. If your property has been damaged in the accident, you should be compensated for the cost to repair or replace it.
  • Pain and Suffering: While most people assume you may only collect compensation for physical injuries, that is not the case. Rear-end accident victims may collect compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological pain and suffering they have had to endure as a result of the other driver’s negligent acts. 
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: In New Mexico, you are entitled to recover damages for the lost enjoyment of your life because of the crash.  These damages are to compensate you for how your life and day-to-day activities were negatively impacted due to someone’s negligence.  
  • Wrongful Death: In severe cases, a rear-end accident may result in the wrongful death of a driver or passenger involved in the collision. The loved ones of the victim should be compensated for their immense loss.

When pursuing damages after a collision, it is important to remember that the insurance companies may not always have your best interest in mind. Your insurer will likely try to offer you the lowest possible amount in compensation. That is why it is crucial you work with one of our knowledgeable lawyers who have experience negotiating fair compensation for our clients. 

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If you have been injured in a rear-end car accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you deserve to pursue justice for your injuries and losses. The trusted attorneys at Dominguez Law speak English and Spanish and are dedicated to providing clients with the personalized representation they deserve. Contact Dominguez Law by calling (505) 317-9837 or using the contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our rear-end car accident lawyers today.