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Cerebral Hypoxia Malpractice Lawsuit New Mexico

In New Mexico, patients often look to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals for assistance during annual check-ups and to help keep them safe during medical emergencies. Medical professionals are required to participate in rigorous education and training programs to perform their jobs and follow a high standard of care for every single patient they work with. Unfortunately, mistakes due to negligence still occur in a medical environment. An example of medical malpractice is when patients suffer from cerebral hypoxia. Cerebral hypoxia is a condition where oxygen is depleted from the brain and can result in a serious injury. 

Dominguez Law is a personal injury law firm with extensive experience representing clients who have been the victims of cerebral hypoxia malpractice in New Mexico. After suffering a traumatic injury such as this, your main priority should be to heal. That is why it is crucial that you work with our team of legal professionals who can handle the process of fighting for justice for your losses. The trusted cerebral hypoxia malpractice lawyers at Dominguez Law speak English and Spanish and are dedicated to providing the personalized legal services best suited to your needs. 

What is Cerebral Hypoxia?

Cerebral hypoxia is a medical term for a condition that can occur when there are insufficient levels of oxygen going to the brain. This condition is often confused with cerebral anoxia, which is when there is zero oxygen going to the brain. Because brain cells are heavily reliant on oxygen, these cells will begin to die after only five minutes of the oxygen supply being disputed. When cerebral hypoxia occurs, often during childbirth, immediate medical intervention is needed to prevent serious injuries or complications. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Cerebral Hypoxia?

While doctors and other medical professionals undergo years of training to be the best they can in their practice area, no one is perfect and accidents may occur. Unfortunately, when accidents occur in a medical setting as a result of negligence, the patient may suffer life-threatening injuries like cerebral hypoxia as a result. Some of the most common causes of cerebral hypoxia include:

  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Failure to maintain an open airway under anesthesia
  • Failure to monitor breathing under anesthesia
  • Diseases that result in paralysis of the breathing muscles like ALS
  • Cardiac arrest or arrhythmia
  • Stroke
  • Extreme low blood pressure
  • Drug overdose
  • Stress to a newborn before, during, or soon after childbirth
  • Complications during childbirth

When patients are victims of medical negligence, many of them never even know what really caused their injuries. If you believe that you may have suffered cerebral hypoxia as a result of medical malpractice, it is essential that you get the help of a trusted New Mexico lawyer as soon as possible. 

When is Medical Negligence to Blame for Cerebral Hypoxia?

While mild or moderate cases of cerebral hypoxia may not lead to lasting brain damage, severe hypoxia can lead to permanent brain damage. If severe cerebral hypoxia occurs during childbirth, this condition may lead to cerebral palsy which will affect the child for the rest of their life. 

Unfortunately, this condition is often the result of medical negligence on behalf of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. Some examples of when medical negligence has led to cerebral hypoxia includes:

  • Surgical errors
  • Medication mistakes
  • General anesthesia complications
  • Labor and delivery injuries
  • Intubation errors
  • Poor use of heart-lung machines during coronary artery bypass graft surgeries

If you have been the victim of medical negligence that has led you to suffer from cerebral hypoxia, you may be eligible for compensation to help cover the costs of your losses. The damages you may be eligible to collect include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death

Many victims of medical malpractice may assume that they are unable to pursue compensation for the injuries and losses they have suffered. However, in New Mexico, individuals have up to three years from the date of the accident to file a medical malpractice claim. It is important to remember that the insurance companies will not always have your best interest in mind when reviewing your claim and will likely try to offer you the lowest possible amount in compensation. However, when you work with our team of cerebral hypoxia malpractice attorneys, we will help negotiate the fair compensation you deserve. 

Get Help From a Cerebral Hypoxia Malpractice Lawyer in New Mexico

Suffering from a traumatic injury like cerebral hypoxia as a result of medical malpractice can be devastating. To get justice for what has happened to you, contact the trusted lawyers at Dominguez Law as soon as possible to begin the claim process. 

We’re committed to remaining by your side throughout the legal process and helping you pursue the fair settlement you deserve for your injuries and losses. To speak with one of our New Mexico cerebral hypoxia malpractice lawyers about your lawsuit, call (505) 317-9837 or contact us online today for a free consultation. We also speak Spanish.