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Upon bringing a baby into the world, one of the first things you expect is that the products you purchase will help and not harm your little. This is especially true regarding the formula you use to nourish your baby. Formula recalls may result in more than just increased anxiety for new parents. Depending on the reason for the recall, it may manifest in adverse health implications for your defenseless little one. Dominguez Law wants to help those impacted by these recalls get the necessary justice in the face of such negligence. 

As an experienced baby formula recall attorney, our team is well-versed in the nuances of holding large corporations accountable for careless actions that can harm consumers. Filing a claim against a baby formula company can be stressful and full of uncertainty. We can help make it a successful endeavor. 

The Link Between Baby Formula and NEC

There are many reasons why baby formula brands are typically recalled, but a study focusing on necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) may be among the most jarring for new parents. A study has been released that shows premature infants fed formula may be more likely to develop NEC than those receiving breast milk. 

NEC is a serious condition that is characterized by tissue death in the intestine. It is fatal in up to 50% of cases, as it has the potential to cause perforations in the intestines. This can cause bacteria from the intestinal tract to leach into the baby’s abdomen and/or bloodstream, causing severe illness or dangerous blood infections. NEC is the leading cause of death by gastrointestinal disease in premature newborns. While this study focused on the impacts of NEC relating to formula in newborns, full-term babies are also susceptible to complications from the condition as well. 

Additional Reasons Baby Formula May Be Recalled

NEC is not the only reason baby formula brands have continued to recall their formula at various intervals. Everything from lack of proper nutrition in formula components to improper packaging and beyond has been cited as reasons for recalls in recent years. 

Some of the most well-known baby formula brands have been pulled from grocery store shelves, as manufacturers have been forced to contend with their careless actions in releasing products they knew were harmful into the marketplace. Given the significance of formula to nourishing newborn babies, these companies are responsible for getting it right before unleashing dangerous and ineffective formula products into the marketplace. 

Why Do You Need Legal Representation?

Particularly in light of the NEC study and the extensive damage formula has been shown to cause in those causes of newborns with this painful and debilitating condition, more parents than ever are seeking justice from the companies responsible for the unimaginable consequences of peddling these products. As more claims are filed and lawsuits ramp up, now is the time to seek justice if this devastating chain of events has impacted your family. 

Moreover, many of the manufacturers of some of the most well-known baby formula brands have failed to add warning labels on their products, despite knowing these complications can happen. This means that millions of unsuspecting parents may continue to purchase them, never knowing the risk posed to their vulnerable newborn babies. 

Dominguez Law is putting our expertise in this area to work for your benefit. You have enough to deal with when juggling the responsibilities of a newborn, especially if your baby has been sickened from the use of formula. If you have been impacted and want to file a claim, your first call should be to a team member to determine how our skill and focus in this practice area might help your family. 

Consult with a Reputable Baby Formula Recall Lawyer to Learn Your Options

You should trust those companies that make products for your baby. After all, they are required to adhere to rigorous industry and consumer standards and are aware of the market to which they are selling their products. This is especially true when it comes to baby formula. If you suspect that your baby has been harmed because of the formula they have consumed, those companies responsible should be accountable for their actions. 

Reach out to a baby formula recall attorney on which you can rely to guard the interests of you and your little one. Time is of the essence in contacting an attorney if you suspect that your baby’s NEC diagnosis was triggered by the formula they were consuming. 

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