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The DePuy Hip Implant Failures

The DePuy hip implant system, manufactured by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, was recalled by the FDA in July 2010. Six months earlier, in what seems to be a response to rampant failure of the DePuy artificial hip system, Johnson & Johnson quietly began plans to phase out use of the implant globally. However, the company never notified consumers of the implant’s elevated risk of failure.

In March 2011, research surfaced in the United Kingdom indicating a 49 percent failure rate for the DePuy hip implant. This is four times the rate cited by Johnson & Johnson when the device was recalled last year. Failure of the medical device has caused pain, injury and a number of revision surgeries to unsuspecting patients.

Do Not Suffer Due To A Defective Product

Johnson & Johnson is responsible in their errors to not only create a functional product, but also to accurately warn of the risks involved. The lawyers at Dominguez Law secure compensation for anyone injured by defective medical products.

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