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New Mexico Hospital Infection Lawyer

When you go to the hospital, you expect to receive quality care that will help you get better. The last thing you might expect is an infection that will make your health worse. There are many reasons why you might get a new infection while in the hospital, and sometimes, it is due to improper hygiene protocols among the staff, while others, it is due to improper cleaning measures. 

Whatever the reason for an infection developing while in the hospital, you should not deal with the aftermath alone. Working with a New Mexico hospital infection attorney can help you determine if you have a case and how filing a claim can help you recoup some of the damages associated with your pain and suffering due to such an illness. Dominguez Law has helped countless clients to get compensation after improper procedures exposed them to infection while in the hospital. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your illness, we may be able to help you as well. 

Most Frequent Types of Hospital Infections

There are various types of infections to which you may be exposed in a hospital setting. Some develop from airborne bacteria due to improper hygiene or cleaning methods. Then, some develop from improper care. Some of the most frequent types of hospital infections include: 

  • Surgical site infections
  • Infectious illnesses, such as C-diff or MRSA, both of which can be fatal
  • Central line or catheter infections
  • Ventilator-associated illnesses

Hospital infections typically develop if a healthcare employee has introduced bacteria through a lack of hand washing or improper personal protective equipment in the patient’s vicinity. You might also develop an infection if your hospital room has not been adequately cleaned or sanitized. Given the possible exposure to all forms of bacteria in a hospital setting, the onus is on the facility to ensure that you are being cared for in a safe and adequately cleaned environment. 

Why You Should Work with a New Mexico Hospital Infection Attorney

Hospitals have a responsibility to provide a safe environment, doing whatever it takes to minimize the spread of disease and infection within their walls. When that does not happen, they must be accountable. When you work with one of our New Mexico hospital infection lawyers at Dominguez Law, we will stand by you as we work to determine how you acquired the infection and who is responsible. When you are in the hospital, the facility is on the hook for your care and the environment you receive it. When it fails to live up to its responsibility, it is crucial to act not only to get justice for your situation but also, to prevent the same thing from happening to other patients. 

After conducting a thorough case review with you, we will request copies of your medical records and gather witness testimony from those that participated in your treatment. We will lead a thorough investigation into how and why you developed the infection and the hospital’s role in what happened to you. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to get you an ideal outcome for your claim. We will fight to get you justice, as no one should go to the hospital for care and come out worse than they were initially admitted. 

Ways Compensation Can Help Address Hospital Infections

Compensation can help with the aftermath of hospital infection in many ways, including: 

  • Pain and suffering associated with the infection and subsequent treatment
  • Emotional suffering
  • Immediate and ongoing medical expenses to treat the infection
  • Rehabilitation for any long-term physical impacts from the infection
  • Loss of wages as well as impacts on your ability to work moving forward

Some hospital infections can be severe enough to change your entire life. You may have gone into the hospital to get better, but a severe enough infection can negatively affect your health enough that you may need at-home care or spend much longer recovering than you might have otherwise. 

This is one of the reasons that compensation is so important when you have been the victim of carelessness or negligence in a hospital setting. You should not be forced to bear the brunt of this type of medical malpractice

Review Your Case with a New Mexico Hospital Infection Lawyer

If you developed an infection while in the hospital, you may be due compensation for your pain and suffering. Receiving care in a hospital setting should not mean being exposed to more dangerous bacteria that make you sicker versus getting you well. As a premier New Mexico hospital infection attorney, Dominguez Law may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve to get your health back on track. 

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