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New Mexico Nursing Staff Negligence/Nursing Errors Lawyers

When you receive care in a medical setting, you expect to receive a high standard of care and respect from the nursing staff. You likely do not expect that the nursing staff will engage in negligence or nursing errors to the point of compromised care and possibly even injury or death. Yet, this happens more often than you may realize. Dominguez Law has long been an advocate for patients who have been harmed by nursing staff negligence or errors that have changed the trajectory of their health-related outcomes. 

We are a top New Mexico nursing staff negligence and nursing error attorney, specializing in getting you and your loved ones compensation when the care you receive from nursing staff does not live up to basic standards of care. No one should be forced to receive nursing care that is careless, neglectful or erroneous to the point of compromised health. If you have been victimized by negligence or a nursing error, no matter what the reason, you deserve a fair resolution and we may be able to help you get it. 

What are Common Nursing Staff Errors/Negligent Actions?

Nurses are often charged with handling massive patient loads, especially those that work in hospital settings. When patients are critical or require extensive care, this can make the problem much worse. Nurses often have to contend with interruptions, extended shifts and sometimes work past the point of exhaustion when the team is short-staffed. This makes the likelihood of error much more significant among these healthcare professionals. Common nursing staff errors/negligent actions include: 

  • Failing to respond to warning alarms promptly
  • Giving patients improper medication doses
  • Failing to communicate with doctors or leave notes on patients for other nurses
  • Improperly using medical devices on patients
  • Performing medical procedures on the wrong patient

Sometimes, the fault may not even be with the nurse but rather with the facility that does not follow proper staffing ratios. Nurses are often overworked and poorly supervised, leading to errors resulting from facilities that will not invest in more staff, training, and resources. You should not be forced to endure the lasting impacts of this traumatic event while the facility in question continues to provide substandard care and lack proper nursing support. 

Whatever the reason for the error, seeking legal guidance after an error was made or negligent action was taken can help you to navigate the aftermath of the incident. 

What Can a New Mexico Nursing Staff Negligence/Nursing Errors Attorney Do For You?

A New Mexico nursing staff negligence/nursing errors lawyer can help you fight for compensation if you have suffered in the face of a careless mistake or nursing staff error. We will start by examining the circumstances surrounding the error and determine how to proceed to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 

We have successfully resolved thousands of cases dealing with nursing staff negligence. We are well-versed in this practice area and have a proven track record of success. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure that you receive justice after enduring a lack of competency or proper care from the nursing staff you encountered. 

How Can Compensation Help Deal with the Impact of Nursing Staff Negligence? 

We will pursue damages for any number of issues that have resulted from a nursing staff error or careless mistake. Compensation can help with: 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Lost wages and loss of any future earnings potential
  • Changes in lifestyle that require you to purchase resources or tools at home to adjust
  • Short or long-term rehabilitation or therapy

We treat each client according to their needs, which reassures you that we see you as a person and not a number. When you have suffered in the face of a nursing error or negligent action taken by nursing staff, you need compassionate legal guidance that respects your experiences while also acting in your interests. We will aggressively pursue damages for your plight, even if it means going to trial to do so. 

Request Assistance from a Skilled New Mexico Nursing Staff Negligence/Nursing Errors Lawyer

When you find yourself in need of the help of a New Mexico nursing staff negligence/nursing errors attorney, look no further than the skilled professionals at Dominguez Law. As a patient, you have rights, and we can help you exercise them. You should never be forced to accept substandard care, especially that which ultimately may compromise your health. We are compassionate, experienced and prepared to fight for you to trial if need be. We have helped many other clients adversely impacted by nursing staff errors, and we may be able to do the same for you. 

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