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New Mexico Preventable Medical Errors Lawyers

Everyone makes mistakes, but when medical professionals make errors, they can be costly to your well-being. It is especially unacceptable when the errors in question are entirely preventable. Preventable medical errors run the gamut from medication mistakes to erroneous diagnosis processes. Dominguez Law has an extensive background in this area of law and can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

More often than not, preventable medical errors are a result of negligent behaviors. From overworked practitioners who have worked well past the point at which it is safe to facilities that don’t provide staff members with the tools necessary to administer care safely, there are various ways that preventable medical errors may occur. A skilled New Mexico preventable medical errors lawyer can help you to get a favorable outcome. 

Common Preventable Medical Errors in New Mexico

Some of the most common preventable medical errors include: 

  • Medication mistakes: This might include administering the wrong medication or an incorrect dose. Other preventable medication mistakes include lack of proper labeling, improper dosing methods, and communication regarding medication interactions.  
  • Poor communication: When practitioners fail to communicate effectively, the results can be devastating. Poor communication between practitioners and patients as well as provider-to-provider is a common preventable medical error. 
  • Infection: Contamination in medical settings is another common preventable medical error. Sanitation and hygiene measures should be in every healthcare setting to ensure that patients are not exposed to bacteria that can unnecessarily compromise their health. 
  • Incorrect results: Erroneous diagnostic result reporting is another common preventable medical error. In some instances, lab values may have been inadvertently transposed; in others, the technician overlooked critical information or failed to report a critical component of the result. 

Preventable Medical Errors and Patient Rights

As a patient, you have the right to competent care from a medical provider. A preventable medical error represents an infringement of those rights. You put trust in medical professionals to implement the right course of treatment or take care when engaging in specific protocols. When that doesn’t happen, the onus is not on you to take accountability. 

One of the common misconceptions about compensation for preventable medical errors is that such legal action is frivolous or overblown. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a narrative meant to protect practitioners, insurance companies and healthcare facilities uninterested in taking accountability for their actions. 

What to Know About Pursuing a New Mexico Preventable Medical Errors Claim

Unfortunately, the burden of proof is on you – the patient – when it comes to preventable medical errors. Practitioners are not prone to admitting fault, even if the mistake is an obvious one. However, Dominguez Law is experienced in handling cases like this. Our expertise in medical malpractice provides us with the knowledge necessary to litigate preventable medical error cases successfully. 

New Mexico medical malpractice cases are different in that they have special regulations that govern the legal process. This includes specific deadlines for filing a claim, custom filing requirements and limitations on damages. We know how to operate within the confines of the legal community when it comes to malpractice due to preventable medical errors. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve to recover from the physical stress and mental anguish caused by your circumstances. 

Sometimes, there are different rules for private practitioners than those that practice medicine via government entities. For example, the window for filing suit against a government-sanctioned provider is much smaller than for private practitioners.

New Mexico Preventable Medical Errors and Qualified Healthcare Providers

When a New Mexico qualified healthcare provider makes a preventable medical error, the situation becomes more complex. Suppose the practitioner in question is designated as a qualified healthcare provider. In that case, before you can proceed with a traditional legal claim, you must first present your case before a Medical Review Panel. This panel consists of other medical providers and attorneys who review the evidence submitted and render findings. 

No matter the panel’s decision, you still have the right to proceed with a traditional suit. As a premier New Mexico preventable medical errors lawyer, the team at Dominguez Law will walk with you through every step of the process. 

Contact a New Mexico Preventable Medical Errors Attorney

Preventable medical errors can contribute to lasting health issues and impact your life in myriad other ways. Given how these issues can persist, it is vital to act as soon as possible. Dominguez Law has a proven track record in helping people in your situation to overcome lasting consequences from preventable medical errors. You needn’t suffer the aftermath of such a significant mistake. We can fight to get you the compensation you need to get your life back on track. 

Schedule a free consultation by calling 505-596-4481 or contact us online to learn how we might be able to help you. 

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