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New Mexico Erb’s Palsy Attorneys

It is not always possible to control the outcome of a baby’s birth. However, after months of protecting your little one while in utero, you certainly expect your medical practitioner to do the same in helping you to bring your baby into the world. When you are met with incompetence instead, the result can be conditions like Erb’s palsy that are deeply impactful – sometimes for the rest of your child’s life. Dominguez Law specializes in cases just like this, helping to hold practitioners responsible for displaying gross negligence or incompetence accountable for their actions. We have worked with many families in this situation to get the justice they deserve. 

We are premier New Mexico Erb’s palsy lawyers committed to helping families overcome the unfairness of a system that allows this kind of negligence to persist. We will work to get your family the compensation you deserve as you learn to navigate life with this unexpected condition. 

What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s palsy is typically a preventable birth condition. It occurs when a practitioner pulls on the baby’s shoulder, uses assistive devices during the delivery or pulls on the baby’s feet in an attempt to help them out of the birth canal. It is considered a brachial plexus injury that damages the baby’s brain or spinal cord. Sometimes, babies can develop Erb’s palsy if their arms get stuck in the birth canal during delivery. 

Initially, the presentation of this condition may seem frightening as the baby’s arms may hang limply from the shoulders because of the weakness of the muscle impacted by the trauma. The recovery rate for this injury is strong; however, it often requires extensive treatment, rehabilitation, and, occasionally, surgical intervention.

What You Should Know About Filing a New Mexico Erb’s Palsy Claim

Filing a New Mexico Erb’s palsy claim may get you the compensation necessary to deal with the ramifications of this diagnosis. After all, you and your family deserve justice for the role that any incompetence may have played in the outcome of your delivery. 

After reviewing your case and determining its viability, Dominguez Law will guide you through the legal process of filing a claim. As one of the top New Mexico Erb’s palsy attorneys, we have worked with many anxious parents worried about the health of their newborn baby. We highly recommend that you work with a qualified legal professional instead of filing on your own to maximize your compensation opportunity with our proven legal strategies. 

We determine the facts of the injury, including when and how it occurred. We will consider the practitioner’s background, including any previous brachial plexus injuries they may have settled previously. We will file a formal legal complaint and begin gathering evidence on your behalf. This includes witness testimony from all involved in the birth and the necessary medical documentation to support your claim. We will work with Erb’s palsy experts to determine how the situation could have turned out differently with a competent practitioner assisting with your baby’s delivery.

Compensation Can Help with an Erb’s Palsy Diagnosis

Our goal as New Mexico Erb’s palsy lawyers is to get your family the compensation necessary to help you through this tumultuous time. After all, you did everything in your power to keep your baby safe, only to see that hard work destroyed through the carelessness of a practitioner you trusted. 

We will vigorously pursue compensation to help with the following: 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental distress
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses to remedy the condition
  • Lifestyle changes required because of the diagnosis
  • Financial assistance with any ongoing therapy required

Depending on how well your baby recovers from this injury, you may have long-term medical expenses that you did not anticipate before this terrible birth injury. You should be compensated accordingly for such a life-changing event incurred through no fault of your own. 

Work with a New Mexico Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

After spending so many months doing everything possible to bring a healthy baby into the world, it can be calamitous to witness an injury of this magnitude due to the negligence of your medical provider. Understanding exactly what happened and why can help prevent the same from happening to another unsuspecting parent. Moreover, compensation can go a long way towards the expenses required to care for a child with Erb’s palsy. Dominguez Law is as much a voice for your newborn as we are for you. We will fight for justice and hold practitioners who were negligent in their medical duties accountable. 

An Erb’s palsy diagnosis can throw your entire world into flux, especially if the situation was not anticipated prior to the birth. Let us determine how we might be able to help you. Schedule a free consultation by calling (505) 317-9837 or reach out online to learn more. 

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