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Why Is Invokana Dangerous?

Invokana is prescribed to assist in regulating the symptoms of patients with Type 2 diabetes. However, since its release, links between the drug and serious side effects, including kidney failure and heart attacks, have been reported. It is often believed that the manufacturer of Invokana knew of the potential for these serious side effects, but failed to warn doctors or patients of the risks, leading to patients suffering from these effects.

Attorney Paul Dominguez helps people who have developed a kidney or heart issue linked to Invokana use, advocating for their right to recover compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one has experienced a severe side effect after taking Invokana, you may have legal recourse against those responsible for putting this medication on the market. Contact a lawyer at Dominguez Law to discuss your legal options.

Treatment And Side Effects Associated With Invokana

Although manufacturer Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical praised Invokana as a revolutionary new treatment for Type 2 diabetes, these claims were riddled with issues regarding side effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received reports that Invokana intake increases patients’ risk for bone fractures, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, urinary tract infections and ketoacidosis, which occurs when blood acid levels are elevated too high. These serious side effects may not only cause patients additional pain and require medical treatment, but also may affect their daily life and sometimes may even be fatal. It is critical to consult a New Mexico attorney if you are facing this challenging situation.

Taking Legal Action Against Invokana Manufacturers

All manufacturers have a duty to ensure that the products that they make and market are safe for consumer use. Furthermore, drug manufacturers have responsibilities to engage in proper testing of medications prior to approval by the FDA. Allegations against Janssen Pharmaceutical include statements that the manufacturer knew of increased risks associated with Invokana but failed to warn patients and physicians, seeking to ensure that their medication was used. If proper warnings were in place, doctors might have chosen to administer different medications or monitored certain patients differently for signs of heart issues and altered ketone levels. Instead of giving patients and doctors these safer options, the manufacturer allegedly chose to omit warnings of these serious side effects.

Patients in New Mexico who have suffered kidney failure, ketoacidosis or other serious side effects associated with Invokana treatment may file an injury lawsuit against the responsible manufacturer within three years from the date of the injury. Compensation for these victims may be available in the form of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income, among other damages. Contacting a knowledgeable products liability lawyer is important to make sure that the proper documentation and evidence is gathered and your legal rights are preserved.

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