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There are various reasons a practitioner may prescribe medication, often necessary for the medical condition you or a loved one face. From chronic health conditions to acute pain relief and beyond, medication can be beneficial in myriad ways. As such, when a medication error occurs, the result can be critically detrimental to your health. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the medication error, you may be due damages to help deal with the fallout of such a significant mistake. Dominguez Law specializes in helping people like you overcome pharmacy errors and medication mistakes that can be life-changing in all the wrong ways. 

Navigating the claims process for a medication mistake or pharmacy error can be confusing and complex. You need an Albuquerque medication error lawyer with experience and compassion to help you get the compensation necessary to get on the road to recovery.

Most Frequent Medication Mistakes in Albuquerque

Medication errors are more common than you might think. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, more than 7,000 people in the U.S. suffer fatal impacts from medication errors, underscoring the serious nature of this problem. The most frequent medication mistakes include: 

  • Prescribed the wrong medication or dosage
  • Overprescribed medications (with an emphasis on opioids)
  • Lack of attention to possible allergic reactions or existing medication interactions
  • Improperly packaged medication
  • Incorrect dose dispensed by a pharmacy

One of the most common reasons for medication errors by practitioners is distraction. While they are understandably busy, you should not have to suffer the consequences of limited staff or lack of attention resulting in a mistake that adversely impacts your health. Given that medication errors can – and often are – fatal, prescribing or disseminating them shouldn’t be relegated to an afterthought. 

Practitioners are not the only ones that can cause medication errors. Pharmacy errors are just as common. They may result from a pharmacy professional being too busy to note the dosage being dispensed or the incorrect packaging. You place as much trust in your pharmacy as you do your medical provider to get your medication type and dose right. When that doesn’t happen, you should not be forced to suffer in silence. 

Filing an Albuquerque Medication Errors Claim

Medication errors can happen for many reasons. The first step in filing a claim for compensation in your case is gathering the facts. From medical records to statements from all involved, we will vigorously pursue a strategy that holds the responsible parties in your situation accountable for what happened to you. After all, the impacts from medication errors can be lasting and affect other areas of your health. 

Sometimes, there are multiple parties involved, which adds a layer of complexity to your claim. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can overcome any continuing challenges associated with a medication error.

Choosing the Right Legal Representation for a Medication Error in Albuquerque

Choosing suitable legal representation for a medication error starts with finding an Albuquerque medication attorney that understands your experience. Dominguez Law has worked with clients who have suffered a wide range of negative impacts from a medication error. 

We are passionate about helping those wronged by a system meant to protect them. When you are prescribed a medication by a healthcare provider, you trust that what they are prescribing will reinforce your health, not ruin it. Yet, countless patients have been failed by practitioners who erroneously prescribed or mismanaged a medication to the detriment of those who trusted them to help.

You should not have to navigate the realities of a medication error on your own. After all, this error can result in lost wages, additional medical expenses, therapy or rehabilitation and mental anguish. A robust compensation package can help to offset some of the expenses associated with the challenges presented by medication errors. You don’t have to suffer from the effects of medication errors on your own. An Albuquerque medication errors lawyer can lead you through the claim process and help you fight for the outcome you deserve. 

Reach Out to a Albuquerque Medication Errors Lawyer

Medication errors can negatively impact your health in many ways and can cause extensive medical damage before you’ve even realized what happened. Given the severity of such a mistake, you may need ample time to recover and overcome any of these impacts. If you have been the victim of an Albuquerque medication error, don’t delay. Reach out to the team at Dominguez Law to determine if you are due compensation. 

After all, you put your trust in a trained medical professional or pharmacy to dispense or administer you the proper medication. If this didn’t happen, someone must be held responsible. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case further by calling 505-596-4481 or reaching out online today. Our office is located less than 10 minutes from Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse.

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