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New Mexico Defective Prescription Drug Lawyers

Continued innovations in modern medicine mean access to pharmaceutical interventions that extend human life and enhance its quality in many ways. However, there are times when these same medications end up doing more harm than good. Medications that are recalled or found to be ineffective or unsafe can have dangerous impacts on your health. If you have been exposed to such medications, you need the help of a New Mexico defective prescription drug attorney immediately. Dominguez Law has a reputation for fighting for our clients who have had to contend with lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills and other expenses incurred from exposure to defective prescription drugs. 

This level of negligence can have a drastic impact on your quality of life. Whether the breakdown of ineffective care delivery occurred – be it from the drug maker, the pharmacy or the provider – we will pursue justice on your behalf. 

What Are The Dangers of Defective Prescription Drugs?

Defective prescription drugs are characterized by medications with adverse effects that outweigh any benefits. They may also be medications that have been mislabeled or improperly categorized. The consequences of using defective prescription drugs are numerous, as they can cause a decrease in quality of life, illness and even death. 

One of the challenges of anticipating the outcome of using defective prescription drugs is the faith that you may place in your care provider. You trust them implicitly and are prone to taking whatever is prescribed to you and with good reason. It is how most of us participate in the medical system. However, your practitioner may not have all the information necessary to prescribe some types of the medication safely. Pharmaceutical companies sometimes hide the true impact of a drug, and by the time the information gets out, numerous doctors are already prescribing it. 

Possible Negative Impacts of Taking Defective Prescription Drugs

The negative impacts of taking defective prescription drugs are all deeply impactful to your general health. They may include: 

  • Heart attack/stroke
  • Liver failure
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Blood clots
  • Psychological impacts
  • Kidney failure

The possible adverse side effects of using defective prescription drugs may extend well beyond this list. Sometimes, toxicity from a defective prescription product may not initially be apparent, and you may continue taking it without realizing the danger. 

Work with a New Mexico Defective Prescription Drug Attorney to Seek Compensation

Working with a New Mexico defective prescription drug lawyer can give you the support necessary to file a claim if a defective prescription drug has adversely impacted you. Our goal is to hold those companies releasing dangerous and defective prescription drugs accountable for the damage they have caused. We pursue damages aggressively on your behalf to compensate for how you were failed by the medical system meant to help you. 

You need a legal team that understands the complexities of legal strategies for this case type. We will work to prove that the product was defective and that its use caused your injuries or new medical issues. We will use information from your medical records, witness testimony and experts who can attest to the fact that the medication is, in fact, defective and dangerous. We will pursue every legal avenue available to us to help resolve your case to your complete satisfaction. 

Compensation Can Help If You Have Been Impacted by Defective Prescription Drugs

Compensation can go a long way towards helping you with the expenses relating to defective prescription drugs. For instance, if your health was compromised in any way due to taking a defective medication, you may have new medical expenses that you were not anticipating. You may even have to make lifestyle changes to accommodate any lasting health issues relating to the medication in question. Compensation can help to address some of the following: 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Rehabilitation/therapy
  • Loss of wages and loss of future earning potential 
  • Lifestyle changes due to extensive injury

We treat each client with compassion and base our case approach on the specific impacts you may have suffered due to exposure to a defective prescription drug. 

Reach Out to a New Mexico Defective Prescription Drug Lawyer

If you have been exposed to a defective prescription drug, do not delay in getting the justice you deserve. Our team has extensive knowledge of the prescription drug industry and remains informed on the latest drug recalls. We can guide you through the legal system to determine how to best proceed for an ideal case outcome. When you are unsure where to turn after being provided a defective prescription drug, turn to the New Mexico defective prescription drug attorneys at Dominguez Law

Schedule a free case review today so that you know how to best proceed. Call us at (505) 317-9837 or contact us online to learn more.

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