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Were You Aware Of The Risks Of Taxotere?

When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they rely on certain procedures and medications to try to save their lives. One such cure is chemotherapy and the associated drugs necessary to aid in treatment. Taxotere is part of a combination of drugs used to prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing. However, Taxotere has been linked to an increased risk of permanent hair loss after use, a side effect not disclosed by manufacturers, as well as not associated with other chemotherapy medications. Victims who have encountered this issue or other serious side effects due to Taxotere may have legal recourse based on the manufacturer’s failure to disclose the risks.

Taxotere Uses And Side Effects

Taxotere, also known as docetaxel, is a chemotherapy drug used for treating patients with breast cancer, advanced stomach cancer, certain lung cancers, and head and neck cancer. It is a type of drug in a family known as taxanes, which are administered in order to stop cancer cells from spreading. Taxotere has been linked to more side effects than other taxanes in its class. These side effects include:

  • Permanent alopecia (hair loss)
  • Pain in a patient’s muscle or bones
  • Fatigue
  • Retention of fluids
  • Nausea
  • Numbness in fingers and toes

Especially problematic is the associated risk of permanent alopecia in patients who are administered Taxotere, which is not prevalent for patients who are prescribed Taxol, a similar chemotherapy medication. Patients who were not properly informed of these adverse reactions may have legal recourse against the drug’s manufacturers, and they should consult a Taxotere attorney in the Albuquerque area to explore the possibility of bringing a claim.

Allegations Against Taxotere Manufacturers

Drug manufacturers have a duty to inform doctors and patients of the risks associated with the medications that they produce. Failing to warn consumers about potential side effects related to a drug prevents them from making reasonably informed decisions about their treatment.

In 2005, studies showed a very common adverse reaction of permanent hair loss in patients who had been treated with Taxotere. However, manufacturers did not include language in their labels or warnings regarding this risk until 2015. As a result, patients and doctors were not given the choice to use other forms of medication that did not carry such a high alopecia risk, and those patients suffered serious harm as a result.

Although temporary hair loss is often associated with chemotherapy, the permanent loss of hair is not associated with it. The impact on an individual suffering from permanent alopecia may include a lowered self-image as well as a decreased quality of life. Legal action taken against Taxotere manufacturers that knowingly failed to warn patients of this issue may help cover a victim’s costs of medical treatment, as well as pain and suffering damages.

Explore Your Options With A Lawyer

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