5 Signs Your Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith

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Dominguez Law believes that you deserve comprehensive financial support after an accident. Unfortunately, insurance claims adjusters do not always agree. Many insurance claims adjusters will poorly represent their companies by acting in bad faith. This bad faith behavior may cause you to be denied the accident compensation you need to recover from an accident.

If you suspect your insurance company may have wrongfully denied or reduced your recent accident claim, get in touch with Dominguez Law. Our team can help oversee conversations with your provider and give you the support you need during this time.

5 Signs Your Insurance Company May Be Acting in Bad Faith

There are several signs to look out for to determine if your insurance company may be acting in bad faith, such as:

Unreasonable or Unexplained Denial of a Claim

Insurance companies do have the right to deny your claim if they believe that the coverage either you or a liable party invests in does not adequately address your losses. However, insurance companies may overextend their definition of “inadequate” in an effort to save themselves money.

If an insurance company denies a claim requesting damages for losses you believe should be covered by an applicable policy, that provider may be acting in bad faith. You have the right to appeal a denied claim either individually or alongside an attorney to challenge that bad faith behavior.

Unnecessary Investigative Delays

Insurance companies may also try to deliberately delay an investigation into your losses in an effort to either obscure evidence relevant to your fight or intimidate you out of your right to action. 

If you believe an insurance provider has deliberately delayed an investigation into your accident or refuses to acknowledge certain relevant forms of evidence, you can let an attorney know. We can encourage insurance claims adjusters to contact you about your losses, investigate the accident in question, and treat your case with the respect it deserves.

Stall Tactics

Similarly, insurance providers may request strange or unnecessary documentation in an effort to delay giving you the financial support you need to get back on your feet again. If an insurance provider starts requesting irrelevant or protected medical information or other personal documents, get in touch with an attorney right away.

There are some forms of paperwork that neither insurance claims adjusters nor providers have the right to read through, let alone request from you after an accident. If an insurance provider continually tries to invade your privacy to stall your investigation, you can accuse that provider of bad faith conduct.

Insufficient Settlement Offers

Insurance providers have an obligation to recognize the full value of your accident-related losses. Even so, insurance claims adjusters can come to the scene of an accident, obscure evidence, and minimize the value of the losses you endured. Doing so can see an insurance company offer you an insufficient settlement while it claims there is no evidence of your other losses.

Failure to Provide You With Required Support

Even if you get an insurance claims adjuster and their company to agree to support you after an accident, the company may purposefully delay a transfer of funds into your account. If an insurance company continually fails to provide you with the support it offered you after an accident, you can accuse that provider of bad faith conduct.

All of these strategies are designed to frustrate you and subsequently discourage you from continuing to demand the financial support you need to recover from an accident. Our personal injury attorneys encourage you not to give in and, in the face of distress or denials, reach out for support.

Let Dominguez Law Fight Back Against an Insurance Company’s Bad Faith Behavior

If you suspect that the insurance provider you are working with may be acting in bad faith, get in touch with Dominguez Law. We can mitigate an insurance claim adjuster’s attempts to deny you the compensation you deserve for your losses. Our aggressive and compassionate attorneys have years of experience helping people just like you get the support they need.

You can call (505) 850-5854 or contact us online to book a free evaluation today. Our team stands ready to appeal your denied claim and defend your right to a fair settlement. We speak both English and Spanish.