The Possibility of Post-Coronavirus Lawsuits

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Injuries

While non-perishable goods and other assorted sundries disappear from retail store shelves, the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus will eventually fade. The aftermath remains uncertain as much of the global economy is feeling the pain with markets fluctuating and supply chains severely impacted. However, one consequence is not just likely. It is already happening.


A Potential Pandemic Carries Legal Consequences

Legal action within the consumer realm will likely surround public places that include hospitals, daycare centers, restaurants, and hotels. Individuals who contracted the virus while visiting these facilities may have a claim that proactive steps to protect them fell woefully short.

Several cruise passengers quarantined on the Diamond Princess have already retained legal counsel. They are planning to sue Carnival Corporation for mishandling the crisis and providing care that was anything but reasonable and proper. The cruise line disputes their account of the events.

However, the most unlikely class action suits are directed at a company playing a prominent role in the coronavirus fight. GOJO Industries, famed for Purell hand sanitizer products, is facing accusations over deceptive practices and purported misleading claims that their product could prevent various strains of the flu and other viruses.

The damning evidence comes from one entry in the Purell FAQ page. The company claimed that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends preventative measures in the form of alcohol-based hand sanitizers such as Purell. Legal counsel for the plaintiffs claim that the answer is more of an assertion without evidence that the intended use of the hand sanitizer can reduce or prevent severe viruses and influenza.

The multiple legal actions ask for damages and full restitution. In addition, the plaintiffs want Purell to cease these claims and revamp their advertising campaign to be more accurate and not so dangerous during such dangerous times.