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Should you find yourself addressing the consequences of a negligence-based accident, it is likely that you have endured a personal injury. Personal injuries, as a legal category, cover a vast array of accidents, from car accidents to premises liability to dog bites.

The good news is that personal injury attorneys know how to address all of these cases. Should you have questions about the viability of a civil case brought against an allegedly liable party, you can bring that case to the attention of Dominguez Law. Our team can assess the nature of your potential claim and help bring it to fruition.

Personal Injury Cases in South Valley, New Mexico

The term “personal injury” addresses a variety of cases seen in New Mexico civil courts. Because the breadth of the title is so vast, you can bring a vast selection of cases to the attention of Dominguez Law. We can assess the nature of your case, appropriately classify it, and make sure you abide by all applicable statutes surrounding personal injuries in New Mexico.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the best-known personal injury cases both in New Mexico and nationally. You can respond to instances of roadway negligence by filing a personal injury claim against the offending driver. In turn, your complaints can help you fight for the compensation needed to restore your previous quality of life.

Truck Accidents

There is a significant amount of crossover between car accident personal injury cases and truck accident personal injury cases. However, liability in truck accident cases can often become complicated. There are circumstances that may allow you to hold a truck carrier liable for your accident as opposed to an independent driver.

Even so, these cases can be categorized as personal injury claims. You must be prepared to bring forward evidence of negligence if you want to request financial support in the wake of your accident.

Dog Bite Accidents

Dog bite accidents are quantified by the one-bite rule in New Mexico. This means that dog owners must take responsibility for the behavior of their animals if those owners knew that said animal had a mischievous or aggressive disposition. The state outlines this responsibility in N.M. Stat. § 41-4-6.

These cases always qualify as civil cases and can never result in the euthanization or other punishment of the animal in question. That said, you do have the right to request compensation meant to help you medically recover from the injuries done to you in a dog bite accident. Similarly, you can request compensation for ongoing PTSD, stress, or lost opportunities to work.

Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

Nursing home negligence is one of the most insidious forms of personal injury done to residents in New Mexico. This abuse sees your loved ones financially, physically, or emotionally exploited by the staff meant to take care of them.

In most cases, our team can address nursing home negligence by working with a loved one’s representative to bring a case forward. However, your loved one may recognize the mistreatment they are suffering. In these cases, the afflicted parties have the opportunity to pursue compensation on their own time.

Whether you want to pursue a case for a loved one or if you are an individual suffering abuse, our team can meet with you on your level and ensure you have every opportunity to pursue justice for your losses. 

Premises Liability

Premises liability is one of the trickier matters of personal injury to address in court. To request compensation for an injury sustained on someone else’s property, you must indicate that the landowner failed to either warn you of dangers or protect you from unsafe elements on their land.

Your right to a civil lawsuit in the wake of a premises liability injury depends on your role on someone else’s property. Invitees and licensees are often entitled to comprehensive protection. Comparatively, trespassers do not benefit from the same right. That said, trespassers may take legal action if they believe that a landowner engaged in unnecessarily violent behavior to remove them from their land. Similarly, trespassers under the age of 18 may have certain immunities to trespassing laws based on the doctrine of attractive nuisance

You can meet with our personal injury attorneys in South Valley to determine what your case may look like in light of these exceptions, should they apply. Alternatively, our team can focus on gathering evidence of negligence to help you demand compensation for premises liability accidents. 

New Mexico’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

All personal injury cases must abide by the statute of limitations placed on such cases by the state of New Mexico. This means that victims of nursing home abuse, dog bites, and car accidents must also submit their cases within the same deadline.

According to N.M. Stat. Ann. § 37-1-8, victims have two years from the day their injury occurs to present their case to a civil judge. More specifically, these individuals must present their complaints to a county clerk in order to eventually move their case forward. A county clerk can then determine the validity of said case. Any attempt to file a personal injury claim outside of the applicable statute of limitations can see you lose the opportunity to request compensation for your losses. 

Meet With a South Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

It does not matter whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite or recovering from a car accident. If you endured an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you are likely contending with a personal injury accident. In turn, you can pursue civil action against the offending party by filing a personal injury claim against that individual.

At Dominguez Law, we want to help. We approach each case with both compassion and aggression, devoting ourselves to retrieving the compensation you need to recover. Call (505) 850-5854 or fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation. We want to give you every opportunity to fight for the justice you deserve. 

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