What Is the Average Settlement for Motorcycle Accidents in New Mexico?

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After being injured in a motorcycle accident, you may suffer extensive losses as a result of your injuries. If a negligent party is to blame for your New Mexico motorcycle accident, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. While many people may want to know the amount they can expect in compensation, there is no average settlement amount one should expect to collect from their claim. This is because the amount a person may retain in damages depends largely on the specific details of their specific motorcycle accident case. 

Dominguez Law is a personal injury law firm in New Mexico that is dedicated to helping clients build their motorcycle accident claims through personalized and compassionate legal counsel. We can help guide clients through each step of the claims process as they seek the best possible settlement for their case. 

How to Calculate the Settlement Amount You May Get From a Motorcycle Accident Claim

When a negligent party causes your motorcycle accident, you have every right to pursue justice for your injuries and losses. While there is no average settlement amount that one should expect to retain when filing their motorcycle accident claim, a trusted lawyer can help you calculate how much you may be eligible to collect based on the specific details of your case. 

Depending on the losses you have suffered after the crash, you may be eligible to collect the following damages:

Medical Expenses

After a motorcycle accident in New Mexico, victims often suffer injuries that require extensive medical care to allow them to heal and get back to the life they led prior to the crash. This may result in costly medical bills, surgeries, or medications as they recover. 

Lost Wages

Victims of motorcycle accidents may be unable to work as a result of the physical and emotional injuries they have suffered. As a result, they should be compensated for all present and future wages they have lost out on due to the crash.

Property Damage

If your motorcycle or other property was damaged in the crash, you should also be compensated for the cost to repair or replace it.

Pain and Suffering

Being injured in a motorcycle crash can be emotionally and physically distressing for victims. They should be compensated for the pain and suffering they have had to endure as a result of the at-fault party’s negligence.

When filing a motorcycle accident case, the insurance provider will likely offer you a lowball offer to see if you will accept it. However, with the help of a trusted personal injury lawyer, they will negotiate for the fair settlement amount you deserve as you recover from your New Mexico motorcycle accident case. 

Should You Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case?

If you are wondering how a motorcycle accident lawyer will help with your case, there are various benefits you should consider. Aside from being able to calculate how much you may be owed in compensation and negotiating for a fair settlement, a trusted lawyer can help by:

  • Navigating the New Mexico legal system and personal injury claims process
  • Providing personalized legal services
  • Answering any questions in regards to your case
  • Keeping you informed throughout each step of the process
  • Helping you collect the necessary evidence to ensure your claim is strong
  • Handling any paperwork and adhering to deadlines as they relate to your case
  • Providing trusted legal representation

To begin filing your motorcycle accident claim and to pursue justice for your losses, contact a New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Pursue a Fair Settlement for Your New Mexico Motorcycle Accident Case

Dominguez Law is a New Mexico law firm with experience providing legal counsel to individuals who have been harmed in a motorcycle crash. If you were injured due to another party’s negligence that caused a motorcycle accident, you deserve justice. 

We are compassionate and aggressive lawyers that are dedicated to fighting for your rights by helping you negotiate for the fair settlement you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with one of our New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyers, contact us here or call (505) 850-5854 today. Our team also speaks Spanish.