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New Mexico Personal Injury Statistics

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  • Injury Scenarios in New Mexico: Common personal injury lawsuits in New Mexico arise from car and semi-truck accidents, workplace injuries, slips and falls, and medical malpractice.
  • Causes and Statistics: Key causes include traffic accidents with 407 fatalities in 2023, semi-truck crashes, 12,400 non-fatal workplace incidents, 5,829 hospital visits from falls, and significant cases of medical malpractice.
  • Possible Damages: Plaintiffs can claim economic damages like medical expenses and lost wages, non-economic damages for emotional distress, and punitive damages in cases of severe misconduct.
  • Legal Representation by Dominguez Law: Dominguez Law provides dedicated legal support for personal injury victims, aiming to secure full compensation for both economic and non-economic losses through expert litigation.
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Injuries occur every single day in New Mexico, and some injuries are the result of people’s negligence or disregard for others. When you suffer an injury or property damage due to another person’s negligence, you can sue them for compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Some of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits in New Mexico are car accident cases, semi-truck accident cases, workplace injury cases, slip-and-fall cases, and medical malpractice cases. 

When you pursue compensation for your damages in a personal injury case, you need a skilled and experienced team of personal injury attorneys representing you. You can calculate the amount of damages you are owed for your economic and non-economic losses, and the court may award you punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct was particularly wanton. At Dominguez Law, our skilled personal injury attorneys want to help you fight for your rightful compensation from the party that injured you.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Personal Injury in New Mexico?

Personal injury cases cover a wide variety of injuries and scenarios. If another party’s actions resulted in injury or property damage to you, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you can successfully file a claim against the other party. In New Mexico, the most common causes of personal injury cases are as follows:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents occur daily, and many accidents unfortunately result in injuries or death. Estimates from the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that there were 407 traffic fatalities in New Mexico in 2023.
  • Semi-Truck Accidents: Many vehicle accidents in New Mexico involve commercial vehicles or semi-trucks. According to a report from the University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies, Traffic Research Unit, there were 3,235 crashes involving semi-trucks in New Mexico in 2022.
  • Workplace Injuries: Employers are responsible for maintaining safe work environments for employees; however, many employees are still injured on the job. A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report revealed that New Mexico saw 12,400 non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2022.
  • Slips and Falls: Falling due to someone’s negligence can result in painful injuries. The New Mexico Department of Health found that falls resulted in 5,829 hospital visits for those over the age of 65 in 2018.
  • Medical Malpractice: Doctors owe a duty of care to their patients, and they can be sued when they breach that duty of care. As of 2016, a Johns Hopkins study points to medical error as the third-leading cause of death in the country.

If you have suffered from one of the personal injuries listed above, you may be able to recover compensation. In New Mexico, you have three years to file a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations runs out. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to discuss and investigate your case in order to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

What Are the Types of Damages You Can Recover in a New Mexico Personal Injury Case?

In a personal injury case, you can calculate the economic and non-economic damages that you wish to recover from the defendant. Economic damages include previous and future medical bills, costs of physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation, and previous and future lost wages. Most of your financial losses that can be calculated will constitute economic damages. On the other hand, non-economic damages are non-monetary losses including, but not limited to, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

In addition to economic and non-economic damages, the court may award you punitive damages in certain cases. Punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant’s reckless or intentional misconduct, and they also inhibit others from acting in the same manner as the defendant. Courts will only award punitive damages in very specific cases; therefore, an average personal injury case in which the defendant did not harm intentionally will most likely not involve punitive damages.

Let Dominguez Law Handle Your Personal Injury Case Today

Recovering from an injury can be a long and painful process, and victims deserve to be compensated by the parties who are responsible for those injuries. When filing a personal injury claim, plaintiffs can seek economic and non-economic damages, and the court may also award punitive damages in certain cases. If you have been injured by another party’s actions, you should explore your legal options. Dominguez Law has a team of compassionate and aggressive personal injury attorneys who can fight for you and help you navigate the legal system.

Dominguez Law’s team of experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to help you in your fight for compensation after suffering an injury. We want victims to recover the maximum amount of damages they are owed. To speak with a member of our team and schedule your free consultation, you can fill out our contact form or call (505) 850-5854 today. We also speak Spanish.