Which day you schedule the surgery matters

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Studies have purported that more than 4,000 surgical errors that could have been prevented happen each year. Even surgeries that seem minor can come with great risk of infection, injury and even death.

But, there is one simple way you can increase your likelihood of success and it may seem odd. Recent research has found that surgeries performed on certain days tend to have substantially higher rates of success.

The best and worst days to go in

According to the study, Monday and Tuesday have high rates of successful surgery, while those who go in during the weekend risk a 44 percent higher likelihood of death.

Why these days have more success

There’s no conclusive evidence to prove why weekends may have a poorer success rate than early weekdays. However, one likely cause is burnout. Surgical errors commonly happen due to:

  • Fatigue
  • Neglect
  • Inadequate preoperative planning
  • Unorganized or incorrect work process
  • Lack of communication

An overworked, overtired medical practitioner that hasn’t gotten a break all week is at high risk to experience any and all of these issues.

What can you do if something goes wrong

After your surgery, seek medical attention if you experience any abnormalities in the following days or weeks — even if they seem unrelated to your surgery. In Netflix’s documentary, The Bleeding Edge, an orthopedic doctor, Stephen Tower, developed neurological problems, including drawing on the walls, because of a faulty hip replacement.

If you discover something went wrong with your surgery, you can get help to right this wrong. An attorney with experience defending victims of medical malpractice can help you gather evidence and devise ways to prove your case to get you the compensation you deserve.