Surgical errors can lead to medical malpractice suits

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Medical Malpractice | 0 comments

People tend to trust doctors in New Mexico and their ability to do what they say they’re going to do. Doctors go to school for a long time and people expect them to be well-versed in their chosen fields of practice. One doctor in another state failed multiple patients and is the subject of multiple medical malpractice suits.

In one case, a gentleman was suffering from severe neck pain and felt his only option was surgery. He found this surgeon online in a search looking for a nearby hospital and one that would take his insurance. When he found the surgeon, he did an additional search to check out the qualifications and reviews of the surgeon. Everything in his online presence looked good.

During the subsequent surgery, several errors were alleged to have taken place. These included mistaking a neck muscle for a tumor, cutting the patient’s vocal cords and puncturing an artery. The surgeon then abandoned the surgery, closing the patient and leaving a medical sponge inside. The patient spent several days in intensive care and was left with permanent nerve damage and damage to his esophagus, making it difficult for him to eat. The doctor who operated now faces criminal charges for assault in addition to the malpractice cases.

When a person in New Mexico suffers unexpected complications resulting from a surgery it may not just be an unfortunate incident. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney could be beneficial. A lawyer can review the circumstances of the case and may be able to advise the client on whether a medical malpractice suit is an option. A successfully litigated malpractice claim can provide compensation for current medical costs and other documented damages, as well as compensation for ongoing medical care that may be required.