Similac and Enfamil Baby Formulas Fail to be Recalled Over NCE Concerns

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Injuries, Product Liability

Despite a significant study that shows a link between baby formula and the development of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), popular formula brands Similac, and Enfamil have failed to warn consumers or pull their products from store shelves adequately. This has resulted in millions of babies now at risk for a painful and often fatal condition that parents do not even realize should be on their radar.

Dominguez Law has begun working with parents of babies impacted by the condition as their formula may have been to blame. Similac and Enfamil have recalled their products for other reasons over the years but have failed to act on this specific issue. Enfamil was also the subject of some controversy when some grocery stores pulled the brand off of shelves after a baby died from a different bacterial infection after using its formula.

What is the Link Between NEC and Baby Formula?

NEC is a sometimes fatal condition that causes tissue death in the intestine. It is fatal in up to 50% of cases. The condition is marked by possible perforations in the intestine, which can cause dangerous bacteria to leak into the baby’s bloodstream. This can cause severe illness and infection. This is the reason that NEC is the leading cause of death by gastrointestinal disease in premature newborns, according to the study.

The study, conducted by reputable researchers from the University of California, shows that NEC is typically not seen before babies begin oral feedings. The research shows that those premature infants consuming breast milk are at greater risk for developing NEC than those fed by breast milk. The reason for this enhanced protection may have to do with the protective gut bacteria developed in infants during breastfeeding. However, researchers are still trying to determine the specific mechanisms for this enhanced protection against NEC.

Why Major Baby Formula Brands Should Be Held Accountable

Companies like Similac and Enfamil are aware of the implications of this study on the products they have released to the public. Yet, these brands remain on grocery store shelves, and new parents who are unaware of the results of this study continue to buy them, believing that the brands have their best interests at heart. This is a dangerous precedent for products catering to the most vulnerable of our population – infants.

Some parents have decided to fight back, filing lawsuits against these companies for gross negligence. Doing so will ensure that they have to answer for their willingness to expose consumers to harmful products that may result in the most unimaginable result for many new parents.

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The fact that Similac and Enfamil remain two well-known brands available to new parents on grocery store shelves speaks volumes about their company values. These products have been proven harmful to infants, especially the vulnerable premature population. If you have reason to suspect that the use of these dangerous products has impacted your baby, reach out to the team at Dominguez Law today. Our personal injury attorneys work with families around the country to get justice in the face of this gross negligence by two brands that many new parents thought they could trust. However, it is imperative to move quickly as more lawsuits are being filed every day against these major brands.

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