How to Prove Lost Wages After a New Mexico Car Crash

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How to Prove Lost Wages After a New Mexico Car CrashAfter being injured in a car accident, everyone knows that one of the most significant expenses is piling medical bills. However, most of a victim’s damages do not always come from an increase in outcome but rather a loss of income.

Healing after a car accident can be a lengthy process that often requires missing out on a substantial amount of work. Thankfully, the state of New Mexico allows victims of car accidents caused by the negligence of another party to fight for the recovery of the damages they have accumulated, including lost wages.

Recovering Lost Wages in New Mexico After a Car Accident

In legal terms, a loss of wages refers to the money you would have earned by going to work if you had not been injured. These lost wages are often covered by insurance, but you will need to prove that the accident directly caused you to experience a loss in your wages.

If you had to miss work so you could heal injuries from a car accident, you could prove that you experienced a loss in wages by providing the following documents:

  • A letter from your doctor describing your injuries, treatment, recovery process, and how your injuries have prevented you from being able to execute the duties of your job.
  • A note from your employer verifying that you did miss work because of your injuries, how many days you were absent, and how many hours you usually work for each pay period.
  • Proof of your salary or hourly wages, such as a paystub, tax return, or W-2.

When it comes to car accidents, states are considered either “fault” or “no-fault.” In New Mexico, we are a “fault” state, which means that the party found to be liable for the car accident is usually the party legally and financially responsible for a victim’s injuries and other damages, including past and future lost wages.

Victims could be eligible to recover financial compensation for lost hourly wages, bonuses, tips, overtime, sick days, vacation time, and other work perks or sources of income they lost out on due to their injuries.

Permanent or catastrophic injuries could result in a victim being unable to fulfill their job duties. Suppose a victim’s accident injury hinders their ability to earn their total capacity of income in the future. In that case, they could also have a right to recover compensation for a reduction in their earning capacity.

Get Help Proving a Loss of Wages with a New Mexico Accident Attorney

Simply submitting pay stubs may not be sufficient enough to recover your lost wages after a car accident. If you are having trouble paying your bills after suffering from injuries in a car crash, Attorney Paul M. Dominguez may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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