EPA rejects warning labels for Roundup

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Roundup is one of the most popular herbicides in the world. The product was marketed as one of the safest weed killers beginning in the 1970s and has been used in New Mexico by countless numbers of gardeners, farmers and landscapers.

However, a 2015 report by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Cancer Research suggests Roundup, or glyphosate, is likely to cause cancer in humans. Almost at once, hundreds of patients sued Monsanto claiming the use of glyphosate caused them to contract non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and the number of lawsuits has grown to more than 11,000.

Cancer patients have already successfully sued Monsanto

Two Roundup users diagnosed with cancer have both won significant awards in federal and state jury trials. Judges later upheld both verdicts against Monsanto despite reducing jury awards of $289 million and $80 million. In one case, the judge said the company’s punishment was deserved.

Monsanto maintains glyphosate is safe and points to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the herbicide does not cause cancer. The EPA took further action on Aug. 7 when it told companies not to use warning labels on products containing glyphosate, calling the labels “irresponsible.”

Signs of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma can have many different signs depending upon the type of lymphoma and where it is found in the body. The American Cancer Society lists these symptoms as the most common:

  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Chills
  • Weight loss
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Feeling full despite an empty stomach
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Shortness of breath and cough
  • Severe and frequent infections
  • Easy bruising and bleeding

Roundup users with cancer continue to join classaction lawsuits

The use of Roundup has not only sparked lawsuits, but protests continue around the world. Bayer AG, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, bought Monsanto in 2018 and faces billions of dollars in potential liabilities.

Anyone who has been exposed to Roundup and developed lymphatic cancer, like non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is eligible to receive compensation for their suffering. A New Mexico attorney with mass tort experience can help victims seek justice and compensation.