Dangerous device the subject of product liability suit

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Product Liability | 0 comments

As people age, medical issues can increase and become more acute in New Mexico. One danger faced by many is the risk of developing blood clots that can cause an embolism. A device, known as an intravenous filter (IVC) was developed by medical device manufacturers. One of them is Cook Medical, which has been the subject of a recently decided product liability lawsuit.

The devices have been found to be defective because they are intended to be a temporary fix that is to be removed when the risk of an embolism is lessened. The device is implanted in the vena cava, a vein that leads to the heart, to prevent blood clots from traveling to the heart or lungs and also to break up the clot. The issue is that the devices are very difficult to remove and are also prone to breaking apart with parts of the filter becoming lodged in other areas of a person’s body.

In this suit, a woman claimed that she had removed a piece of the filter from her thigh. Other parts of the filter remain in her body and cannot safely be removed. The suit also alleged that the label does not carry adequate warnings regarding the potential danger of the device. The claim was recently decided in court, and the plaintiff was awarded $3 million.

As people age, they trust their doctors in New Mexico to provide care that will enable them to enjoy their later years. In turn, doctors trust medical devices to help their patients live healthier and longer lives. When a device fails, the patient’s pain and suffering can be devastating. Anyone affected by a faulty medical device can consult a personal injury attorney about the options available regarding a product liability claim.