Can You Sue for an Injury Caused by a Wildfire in New Mexico?

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According to States at Risk, over 70% of New Mexico’s population lives in areas at higher risk of wildfire. This is likely due to the dry and hot weather, which has caused wildfires to become more common. If you have been injured in a wildfire, you can pursue legal action and seek financial compensation for your losses. One of the first steps you can take to fight for your rights is to contact an experienced wildfire accident lawyer with extensive knowledge of these claims. 

At Dominguez Law, we have proudly served wildfire victims in New Mexico for years, so we understand the complexities of these claims. Our compassionate lawyers take a personal approach to every case and can make a plan unique to your needs. We handle every aspect of your claim so that you can focus on your recovery and also have a stress-free legal experience. 

How to Protect Your Rights After a Wildfire Injury in New Mexico

After suffering injuries in a wildfire, you may not know what to do to hold the liable party accountable for their negligence. Having a strong case with effective evidence is essential to proving fault and collecting damages. Taking the following actions after being injured can help protect your rights:

  • Document details: Taking pictures of the scene, damages, and injuries, along with your medical records and correspondence with insurance companies, will help strengthen your case and can assist in proving fault. 
  • Track losses: Keeping a log of everything you lost in the fire, how your injuries have impacted your life, and other accommodations you have had to make for your injuries can also help calculate damages.
  • Seek immediate medical attention: Even if you feel fine after the wildfire, you should see a medical professional right away so you can have a record of your injuries and receive any potential care.
  • Contact a lawyer: Seeking guidance from a professional, knowledgeable lawyer can help ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve, as well as hold the liable party responsible for their negligence.

During your free consultation, we listen to your story and discuss your legal options so you can move forward with an effective plan that meets your needs. We can help you gather and analyze further information and also interview any potential witnesses to present a solid claim to insurance companies.

Who Can You Sue For Your Wildfire Injury?

Wildfires may occur for several reasons, including negligence. Depending on the details of your case, one of the following parties may be liable:

  • Utility company: A utility company may be liable for your wildfire injuries if they poorly maintained their equipment, a spark from their equipment caused the fire, or they failed to maintain a tree near the power lines.
  • A camper or other individual: If a camper leaves a fire unattended, misuses equipment, discards a cigarette, or intentionally causes the fire, they may be responsible for your injuries.
  • Manufacturer: If someone uses defective equipment and causes the fire, the manufacturer of the item could be liable.

We understand it can be difficult to know who potentially caused the wildfire on your own. Therefore, we can help you identify the liable party and use the evidence we gather to prove their negligence directly caused the fire and your injuries. 

Speak to a Reliable New Mexico Wildfire Accident Lawyer at Dominguez Law

Dealing with insurance companies and the complex legal process after suffering injuries in a wildfire can be overwhelming. You deserve time to prioritize your family and recovery. Our trustworthy legal team at Dominguez Law manages every aspect of your claim so that you can have a stress-free legal experience. We are known for our litigation services, meaning you can rely on us to support you every step of the way, including in the courtroom.

We have years of experience working on wildfire accident cases in New Mexico and have an extensive history of positive results. We balance aggressive advocacy with compassionate care to develop innovative legal solutions. You can count on our lawyers to always have your best interest in mind and put your well-being first. Additionally, our lawyers speak Spanish. Call us at (505) 850-5854 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.