Can You Leave a New Mexico Car Accident Scene If You Are Not Injured?

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There are many reasons you may want to leave the scene of a car accident, especially if you are seemingly uninjured. You may have just been in a minor fender bender or gotten rear-ended, but maybe the damage is not too noticeable, or you do not have any current aches or pains. If the other driver is also fine with leaving the scene, it may seem easier to continue on your way home or to the office for that important meeting. 

However inconvenient it may seem, it is advisable to stay put. Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident too soon can result in many complications and leave you liable for damages that were not your fault. If you are in a car accident in New Mexico, it is in your best interest to contact a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, like those at Dominguez Law, who can talk you through the next steps, even if you are not injured. 

Made It Out of a Car Accident Unscathed? Two Reasons to Stay at the Accident Scene

If you are in a car accident but have no apparent injuries, it is vital you proceed the same way you would if you had been injured. The moments right after a collision are essential for any future compensation and establishing liability. Two vital reasons to stay at the scene of the accident include the following:

Your Injuries May Not Be Immediate

If your car is fine and you are up and walking and talking, you may think you are good to proceed with your day. However, it is advisable to visit your medical doctor and receive a full check-up. Not only is a medical record good evidence for your claim, but it also may identify sprains and tears you have yet to experience the effects of.  

Back and neck pain may take a couple of days to present itself. Not receiving proper medical attention may make this worse than it would be if you got it checked out immediately. Getting a cursory examination may save you lots of money on hospital bills and doctor visits down the road. 

Helps to Establish Liability

New Mexico is an at-fault state, meaning the driver found liable for the accident is responsible. However, if you leave the scene of your accident without gathering evidence, the other driver may attempt to file a claim against you, even if it was not your fault. It is important, despite the severity of the crash, to stick around and gather any evidence you are able to. This can include: 

  • Photo of the other driver’s license
  • The other driver’s insurance information
  • Photo of the damage (or lack thereof)
  • Video footage on your phone of the scene
  • Witness accounts

If you have not collected the following or have left a scene immediately after with no records, it is possible the other party may file a claim against you or your insurance. If not, a personal injury lawyer has the resources to help pick up the pieces and begin to build a claim. 

Discuss Your Case With a New Mexico Car Accident Attorney Today

If you left the scene of an accident too early and have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help. Dominguez Law is here to assist you in collecting evidence and building your case. Our compassionate, aggressive, and Spanish-speaking team has extensive litigation experience and will take your case to court if need be. 

Having a personal injury attorney from Dominguez Law in your corner means we will work to get you the best possible result for your car accident case. To get a free consultation today, be sure to call us at (505) 850-5854 or use our contact form here.