Bayer facing growing number of product liability cases

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Product Liability | 0 comments

The controversy surrounding Roundup weed killer continues to be a top item in the news in New Mexico. Bayer, the company that developed Roundup, has said in the past that it would vigorously defend itself against the numerous lawsuits claiming product liability that have been brought against it. The suits claimed that the use of Roundup caused cancer in many of its users. Bayer has maintained that its product is safe.

Recent developments might indicate that Bayer is having a change of heart and is working toward a settlement. The company has hired an external lawyer to advise the litigation team, and this is seen as a positive sign. The attorney worked on a similar case for a pharmaceutical company that resulted in a settlement for the plaintiffs.

One factor contributing to the possible change of heart at Bayer is the number of lawsuits that have been filed against the company. In April, there were 13,400 active suits, and the number continues to grow. In addition, the cases that have gone to trial have resulted in multi-million-dollar damage awards being granted to the plaintiffs.

Cancer is a horrific disease. While progress has been made in its treatment and the possibility of remission is a reality, the dangers of the disease remain very real. Those in New Mexico who believe they or a loved one may have suffered as a result of exposure to Roundup may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts of one’s case and help one to determine if a product liability suit is a viable option.