What Is an Expert Witness and How Can They Help Your Personal Injury Claim?

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Some lawsuits involve complicated scientific, medical, technological, or financial concepts with which the average person is unfamiliar. In such cases, expert witnesses are brought in by either the plaintiff, defendant, or both for consulting purposes or for providing expert testimony in court. Expert witnesses are professionals within their respective fields. They can inform and educate attorneys in order to strengthen a case, or they can use their expertise to explain complicated principles in terms that are understandable to the average juror.

Not only do consulting expert witnesses impart valuable knowledge to attorneys trying to craft a strong case, but testifying expert witnesses also have the potential to convince the jury to believe one side over the other. Experienced personal injury attorneys can determine when expert witnesses are necessary for a case. If you have a personal injury claim against another party, you can trust the skilled legal team with Dominguez Law to handle your case with care and call upon the very best expert witnesses when needed.

What Is the Role of an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses are professionals who are brought into legal cases involving complicated theories and principles that need to be explained. In general, expert witnesses can be used for consulting or for testifying. A consulting expert witness uses their knowledge to inform and advise attorneys before a trial. This type of expert witness helps the attorneys understand complex principles of specialized fields so that the attorneys can adequately form a case in favor of their client. 

On the other hand, testifying expert witnesses are a valuable asset in a case because they can explain certain ideas in ways the jury will understand.

Expert witnesses must meet certain requirements in order to be involved in a case. First, expert witnesses must have adequate knowledge about the subject involved in the case. Second, the witness must have sufficient experience within the field in which they are considered an expert. Third, expert witnesses must be impartial when giving their opinion, advice, or testimony. Expert witnesses must also be able to explain concepts in an understandable manner so that jurors and others outside of the expert’s field can understand.

How an Expert Witness May Benefit Your Case

Expert witnesses are respected because of their experience and knowledge, and their opinions can significantly affect a case’s outcome. There are numerous scenarios in the courtroom that could benefit from expert witnesses, including: 

  • Medical experts can provide information about a diagnosis, prognosis, injury, treatment, or symptom.
  • Vehicle accident reconstructionists can help the jury better understand the scene of an accident by using science to determine the speeds or angles of the vehicles involved.
  • Engineers may impart their knowledge regarding certain manufacturing processes in a product liability case.

Many types of personal injury cases involve expert witnesses. Each side of a case can utilize the knowledge of expert witnesses, and the experts may even disagree. When this occurs, the jury must make a decision based on all of the evidence, including the impartial and professional opinions given by the expert witnesses. Overall, a truthful, impartial, and convincing expert witness has the potential to make the jury side with you.

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A skilled personal injury attorney should know when a case needs an expert witness, and the attorney will advise the client on whether a consulting expert attorney or a testifying expert attorney would be best. The compassionate and aggressive legal professionals with Dominguez Law understand the ins and outs of working with expert witnesses.

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