Holiday season can bring an increase in motor vehicle accidents

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

As the holiday season approaches, accidents and breakdowns may be more frequent as drivers hurry to reach destinations and more cars are on the roads. In most states, including New Mexico, the law requires that highway traffic move over a lane or slow down when approaching a vehicle that is stopped on the side of the road. Failure to do so can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

A woman and her two passengers were stopped on the side of Interstate 10 waiting for a tow truck. Before the two truck arrived, the vehicle was struck by a car. The accident happened near Vado.

The driver of the car that hit the other vehicle claimed he was driving around and got lost. The man smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes and his speech was slurred, and he told officers he may have fallen asleep. The force of the impact killed the woman and injured her two passengers. The cause of the accident is under investigation, but alcohol may have been a factor. The man had a prior DWI arrest.

The death or injury of a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver is horrible and heartbreaking, even more so during the holiday season. Someone in New Mexico who loses a loved one due to a drunk driving accident may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer can review the facts of the crash and may be able to determine if a civil suit against the party deemed responsible is a viable option. While no one can bring a loved one back, a successfully litigated civil suit may provide compensation for medical costs, funeral costs and other verifiable losses brought on by motor vehicle accidents.