Debunking 5 Common Personal Injury Myths and Misconceptions

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There are certain myths and misconceptions that may be in the back of your mind as you are considering retaining the help of a New Mexico personal injury lawyer. In order to come away with all the resources and information you need to obtain justice for the suffering you have endured, you must consider discovering the facts about the legal process and the nuances that may arise should you choose to seek legal action against an at-fault individual that may have caused substantial damages.

At Dominguez Law, we will walk you through every step of the legal process and answer any possible questions you may have about your personal injury claim. Attorney Paul M. Dominguez has extensive legal experience and a mastery of personal injury litigation to offer insights into commonly believed myths and misconceptions and expertly debunk them so you may feel at ease throughout the claims process.

Debunking 5 Common Personal Injury Myths and Misconceptions

There are several myths and misconceptions you may be inclined to believe before reaching out to a personal injury lawyer. The following are five of the most commonly believed myths pertaining to personal injury claims and the truth behind the actual legal process:

1. Personal Injury Claims Are a Long Process

It is true that every personal injury claim is unique and may have complexities that elongate the legal process; however, straightforward cases typically follow a faster timeline and avoid a trial completely. The time it takes may vary greatly depending on various factors, but overall, settlements may be resolved in a few months.

2. Your Settlement Will Go to Your Attorney Fees

There is a common misconception that a personal injury settlement is likely to go to attorney fees and out-of-pocket costs associated with your claim. Generally, personal injury lawyers offer a complimentary consultation to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and evaluate the value of compensation you are entitled to receive.

Additionally, some lawyers offer representation on a contingency-fee-basis, which allows you to obtain the justice you deserve without up-front costs, and the lawyer may only take a percentage of the settlement award if the case is successful.

3. Your Insurance Company Will Cover All Personal Injury Related Damages

While it is true that insurance companies may cover some personal injury-related damages, they may not cover all of your expenses and what the personal injury claim is truly worth, especially if you foresee the need for long-term medical care. To avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses for the medical care and other losses you experience, filing a personal injury claim may assist you in recovering the compensatory damages you require to achieve a full recovery.

4. Filing a Claim for Minor Injuries Is Wasted Time

Even minor injuries may become costly over time, especially if they worsen or experience complications. When another party is liable for the losses you have experienced, you should not be responsible for the costs associated with your injuries.

5. You Can File a Claim as Late as You Want

There is a matter of urgency when it comes to filing a personal injury claim due to New Mexico’s statute of limitations laws. This indicates that if you file a claim after this time has expired, your claim will be dismissed, and you may not be able to recover the compensation you deserve for someone else’s negligence. Speaking to an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer may help you efficiently prepare your claim in the allotted time so you can focus on recovery.

What Personal Injury Claims Can Dominguez Law Help You Pursue?

Personal injury law covers various injuries that may be entitled to compensatory damages with the help of an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer at Dominguez Law. The following are types of personal injury accidents prevalent in New Mexico that we fiercely advocate for:

  • Car accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • Workplace accidents
  • Premise liability
  • Nursing home abuse

Speak with an experienced lawyer for a chance to build a successful claim to recover the fair compensation you are entitled to for the negligence of another individual. Personal injuries may have a lasting impact on your life, and you deserve a fierce representation in your corner to fight for the accountability you deserve.

Speak to an Experienced New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer at Dominguez Law

At Dominguez Law, we offer personable and compassionate representation, taking the time to understand your needs and supporting you through the complex personal injury legal process so your best interests are protected. We answer your questions regarding any myths or misconceptions you may have and fight for your rights to maximum compensation for the losses you sustained due to your personal injury accident.

Attorney Paul M. Dominguez offers empathetic support and legal guidance to ensure your rights are protected and fights to obtain the fair compensation you deserve for a full recovery. Your wellbeing is the most important part of our work, and we work diligently to uphold those values. Call us for a complimentary consultation at (505) 317-9837, or fill out our contact form. We also speak Spanish.