Surgical Error

Surgical error can be the most serious form of medical mistake. The most common surgical errors are known as “wrong site operations,” occurring when the operation takes place on the wrong limb, organ or other area of the body. Other errors include:

  • Wrong procedure on the correct body party
  • Surgery on the wrong patient
  • Issues with anesthesia (can be life threatening)
  • Foreign object left in the body after surgery (such as utensil or sponge)
  • Misreading patient’s chart or medical history
  • Use of unsterile equipment
  • Damage, via puncture or perforation, to nearby organs
  • Improper medical clearance for surgery

Surgical patients have reason to believe that their surgeon and medical team are competent, experienced and committed to performing the surgery without error. When this is not the case and that negligence causes injury to the patient, compensation should be made for further corrective medical procedures, pain and suffering.

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