ONLINE GOVERNMENT AND LEGAL RESOURCES If you need to contact a state legislator, look up legislative publications or request public records. This is the New Mexico Government home page. A good resource for searching for anything government related. New Mexico Human Services Department – for access to medical care through-out New Mexico and important public notices issued by Medicaid. Website for legal resources available to the public. Free access to the public for legal research. University of New Mexico Law School clinical program assists low income individuals with legal and sometimes complex legal issues. This is an up-to-date compilation of New Mexico laws, court rules and cases.

MASS TORT AND CLASS ACTION RESOURCES - FDA homepage – a useful link to search for specific issue related to contaminated food, dangerous drugs or defective medical devices. Use this link for recalled contaminated food, dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Use this link to search for companies the FDA has warned about their contaminated foods, dangerous drugs or defective medical devices. A good resource to search through for court dates and related information if you or a loved one are involved in a class action or mass tort. Often a good resource for news on recalled products and mass tort litigation updates.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE RESOURCES A good site for health related news and reports. Great site to get involved in New Mexico healthcare or to tell your story about healthcare in New Mexico. Interesting facts on medical malpractice in the United States.

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