Misdiagnosis is when a healthcare provider doesn’t take the time to make a thorough and well-researched diagnosis, delays diagnosis, or fails to provide any diagnosis at all resulting in injury to or death of the patient. Misdiagnosis can lead to an incorrect treatment, leaving the actual illness or ailment untreated and free to cause further damage to the patient. Studies show that 10-30% of all medical cases are the result of diagnostic errors.

Often in the case of misdiagnosis, a patient will continue to feel ill but may not mention this, either due to feeling intimidated by the doctor or trusting the medical professional. Or the patient may communicate that something is wrong, only to be ignored. If you took every measure available to you to determine why you weren’t getting better and your doctor did not help you or did not believe you were misdiagnosed, you may have a case for a misdiagnosis suit.

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